Off Grid Operation

Hybrid Off-Grid   Dual Power

ENERGY STORAGE enables solar and wind power to connect directly to the inverter, where it becomes AC power and energizes your home.  Solar and wind power are not strong or stable enough to support the inverter demand alone.  The batteries stabilize the solar and wind incoming power to the inverter, supplementing battery power when demand is higher and storing the extra power when demand is lower. 

Incoming solar/wind power performs an elegant dance of physics with battery power to dynamically supply the inverter with the exact amount of DC power needed to supply the AC demand of your home.  

Your utility meter goes to "0" while you are using solar/wind/battery power INSTEAD of grid power.  No longer will grid power be in use 24 hours a day.  Energy Storage reduces grid usage and dependence, in addition to providing back-up power.

On Grid Operation

Utility Source
Harvester48  receives 120/240VAC @ 100A input from utility or facility power through the on-board "GRID" load center.  In Utility Power mode, the inverter passes utility (grid) power through to the home load center. 

Automatic Transfer Switch: In the event that utility power is interrupted or becomes unstable the inverter, within 10 milliseconds, transfers the load to battery power and continues to provide AC power to the load center until utility power is restored. 

Battery Charger: While in Utility Power mode the inverter charges the batteries with its onboard charging algorithm to keep the batteries conditioned and vital.