During grid power failure or blackout, battery power is instantly inverted and switched to supply the home with electricity.  When grid power is restored and is stable, the home is switched back to grid and batteries are replenished.

Collects renewable energy from
solar and wind sources

Harvester48 puts control of power in the hands of the homeowner, enabling the removal of utility power from the home so clean, free renewable energy can flow in.  This capability is unprecedented in the history of electricity and a critically important step forward for addressing Climate Change.

Battery bank stores energy from solar, wind and grid

Utility (Grid) Power

is passed through the inverter, supplying power to the home and charge for the batteries

Real-time power monitor with conditioning & protection

Back-up power, clean power, free power

Off Grid

On Backup

On Grid

Batteries provide back-up power and enable autonomous
​(off-grid) operation

Harvesting renewable energy while on battery
establishes autonomous operation with an
extended supply of off-grid electricity.  Solar, wind and battery power sustain the electrical load for hours every day, while grid power is in stand-by status, not used.

Grid power is passed to the home,
and used to charge and condition the batteries.  Grid power is monitored, protecting the home against transient voltages (dirty power) that damage electronics and appliances.

Harvester    power choice control

Inverter/Charger inverts
solar/wind/battery power into usable 120/240VACconverts
grid power to 48VDC for storage & future use and switches between
battery and grid power,