Climate Change



Climate Change

Harvester48 provides an important weapon in mankind’s battle against Climate Change.  By investing in energy storage and renewable energy you take control of your power and make a stand against pollution.

When we all move towards clean, free energy we reduce the load on the grid.  Less grid power usage enables power companies to cut back on power production, which means less fossil fuels consumed, less pollution produced.

​We are such a heavy load on the grid that it's almost impossible for power companies NOT to generate electricity with fossil fuels.  Reducing the load on the grid enables power companies to convert to clean energy technologies,
​and provides the incentive for them to do so.

The sun flies over our homes everyday, showering power down upon us.  As the technology is available to receive clean, free energy it makes no sense to disregard it and continue on our current path.

Harvester48 enables us to take action now and invest in the restoration of our global climates.  We must teach the next generations how to energize our society without polluting the planet.