Americans have only one source of electricity to power our homes, Utility Grid Power. 
Grid power is TIED to our electrical panels
with no ability to apply ANY OTHER POWER to our homes.  This is a MONOPOLY.

The Harvester48 Energy Storage Platform is a 48 volt DC power station designed to provide electricity from two sources of power,
Utility grid & Battery.

 Harvester48 breaks the monopoly by employing inverter/battery power to establish autonomous (off-grid) operation.  The battery bank supplies 48 volts DC power to the inverter, which inverts the DC power to 120/240 volts AC power. 
This is conditioned, utility-grade power flowing into your home, from BATTERIES.

21st Century Power

Harvester  is a hybrid off-grid power platform, an appliance that:

1) delivers electrical power to your home from batteries, wind & solar           while holding grid power in standby status

2) delivers electrical power to your home from the grid

     while charging your batteries & holding them in standby status

3) switches between the two, automatically and manually.

You now have a dual-powered home.  You are no longer TIED to the grid.  You no longer pay for grid power 24 hours a day.

You now control your power like never before.

​​Inverter/battery power is a new concept for urban consumers of residential electricity, but there's nothing new about off-grid power.  Inverter-battery is the standard solution wherever remote, off-shore and mobile electricity is required.  Pipeline operations in remote areas rely on inverter-battery power, as do tour buses and motor coaches on the road.  Boats, yachts, ships, aircraft carriers and submarines all use inverter-battery power for off-shore electricity.

Inverter-battery power is not new, it’s just new to the urban homeowner.

Harvester48 provides features never before available to users of grid power, including…

1)  Autonomous (off-grid) operation
2)  Control & switching between power sources
3)  Backup (grid-fail) power
4)  Conditioned (transient-free) power
5)  Clean, free (solar/wind) electricity
6)  Real-time monitoring of power levels & usage

American Utility (Grid) Power is arguably the best distributed electricity system in the world.  However, power companies have never offered features enjoyed by Harvester48 users, not in the 100+ years history of delivering their product to consumers.