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​We are ​Low-Voltage systems designers, providing alternative energy solutions for the emerging renewable energy industry.


FreeStar - Renewable Energy (RE) Power Platform

FreeStar is an Energy Storage Platform for residential and commercial electrical power usage.  Where there's a need for back-up power in times of grid power failure, FreeStar provides exactly that, and SO MUCH MORE.  You have NEVER owned, controlled and used power like you will with the FreeStar.

This HYBRID OFF-GRID power plant is designed to "hold the load", provide the entire power requirement of an American home, at the standard established by the utility power industry.  FreeStar is not neccesarily back-up power, it is a DC to AC Power Platform that uses grid power as back-up.  

With FreeStar, your electricity is derived from DC power stored in a battery bank.  While you use battery power, your home is "OFF GRID".  When you are off grid, the utility meter STOPS and you incur NO CHARGE for the time you are ON BATTERY.

With FreeStar, you don't wait for a utility power outage to go on battery.  You go "on battery" at sunrise.  When the sun lights the sky at dawn, solar power begins to flow onto the battery bus bar.  Solar power is inverted into AC power and sent into your home to energize the entire house.  Solar and wind power is dynamically consumed by you and your appliances, with any excess power going directly into your battery bank for later use.

When you decide to go solar,

​FreeStar is how you do it!